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"I'm probably one of the best points of contact for Arizona. PM me. I have more contacts in the Phoenix/Maricopa County area." - Dr. Arbitrary

The basic level of meeting is at the LD level in Maricopa and Pima county, otherwise it's county meetings only. Contact your District Committee

Here's the event calendar

The basic level of power in the party is the Precinct Committeeman. You can be either appointed or elected. Only elected PC's can vote at the LD level, but elections are every two years so it's too late for now. Being appointed is easy if you show up more than twice. Being elected is a pain, you fill out a form, get it notarized, and then collect 10 signatures from democrats in your neighborhood.

Precinct Committee Chairmen

Run for State Committee. At least in Maricopa County, for every two elected PCs, they get one State Committee slot. Again, attendance is a big help for this.


Get started by contacting your local Town and Ward Committee. Scroll all the way down, find your town in the list, pop off an e-mail, and ask what you can do to get involved, when local meetings are.

Tell us what they tell you, so we can help spread the word! Send a forum PM to GlyphGryph or email